Custom individually designed solid and collapsible mounts. Precisely fits your telescope, CNC cutting ensures your mount is a precision product. We can design to preferred heights.

Mounts only.
Mounts with altitude bearings.
Mounts and clamshell rings
with altitude bearings.

Mirror Cells

Designed individually using PLOP to optimize placement of supports per your primary's specs. These standard mirror cells for 8", 10" and 12" pirmaries are 3/4" Baltic Birch, inexpensive and light weight. We will drill to accept cooling fans. Larger size cells available upon request.

Universal mirror cells shown below are adjustable for 8" to 13.1" primaries, either conical mirrors or standard.

Clamshell Rings

CNC cut Clamshell Rings designed to match the hole pattern on your equatorial head.mount. Rings are hinged on one side and secured together by 1/4-20 thumb screws transversely through the abutting pair of boards.

Bottom images are rings for a Losmandy DUP and finished rings designed especially for lighter weight considerations. Tell us what you need and we'll send you dimensioned drawings!

Altitude Bearings

Don't use 5" bearings! Larger bearings allow much finer altitude control, smoother motion, and eliminates balance problems when changing eyepieces.

Small bearings up to 11.5" diameters.
Large bearings up 12" to 23" diameters.
With our without 1/8" wide lip to prevent lateral movement.

Available flat for square mirror boxes, or with curved supports as shown, cut to match he outside curve of your telescope tube.

ATM Parts

FRP strips and rings for altitude bearings and azimuth bearings.

Virgin Teflon pieces for buttery smooth altitude and azimuth motion.

Aluminum Tubes up to 12" outside diameter. Finishedor unfinished, cut to your specified length.

Wooden End Rings to protect your telescope tube.

Custom Parts

Looking for something not shown on our web-page? E-mail and tell us what you need. We'll respond with some preliminary drawings, and affordable budgetary time and materials quote.

No job is unwelcome. Making parts for amateur astronomers is part of our enjoyment of the hobby.

Clear skies,