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Dobsonian Alt/Az Mount Options

Collapsibles that fold flat, or standard solid mounts. Available finished or as kits.
Let us design height for your comfort. Individually CNC manufactured for a precise fit.

Mount Only: if you have a telescope with altitude bearings.

Mount with Tube Fitted Altitude Bearings: select these if you have a telescope without bearings.

Mount with Clamshell rings and Altitude Bearings: select these if you have a telescope without bearings and want its tube position adjustable.

Mirror Cells

Three types available. Flotation cells in 8, 10 and 12.5 inch sizes.
An inexpensive 6" three point cell and Universal Cells for conical mirrors.



New and in stock!

Inexpensive 6" mirror cells work for f/6 through f/11. We place the felt pads appropriately for your f/ratio. Same as the larger cells above, these are of 3/4" Baltic Birch, very stiff yet lightweight..



8", 10" and 12" or 12.5" cells. 3/4" Baltic Birch with six point floatation. Cells are very solid and lightweight. This compact design is manufactured individually per your mirror's specifications. Designed with PLOP for optimal support



In stock!

Universal cells adjust for 8" to 13.1", for use with conical mirrors or standard primary mirrors. Conical mirrors do not require mirror clips. Extra tube supports available to increase from three to six as shown in photo.

Altitude Bearings

New - Big Bearings! - Easy upgrade from 5" to 12"
Nearly drop in easy. No Cutting Side Boards.

Super easy to install bearings upgrade gives you smoother motion, finer control and sure balance without springs or clamps. You can even raise your eyepiece height with this fix. Four screws attach the new bearing to the outside of your existing 5" bearing, three attaching the bearing support and teflon to the outside wall of your mount. Bearings do not rub on side boards.

Flat-Sided or Tube Curve Fitted Bearings

Larger bearings allow much finer altitude control, smoother motion, and eliminates balance problems when changing eyepieces. Available with curved tube supports as shown, or Flat-Sided for mounting on a mirror box. Finished or kits.

Clamshell Rings

CNC cut Clamshell Rings. We will match the hole pattern you need. Hinged on one side, closing securely with thumb screws transversely in abutting pair of boards.

Bottom images: Clamshell ring kit for a Losmandy DUP and finished rings for lighter weight applications. Tell us what you need, we'll send dimensioned drawings for your approval.

Finished or kits.

ATM Parts

FRP strips 3/4" and 1" for altitude bearings
in stock!

FRP Rings for azimuth bearings cut to your size.

Virgin Teflon: 0.75"x1", 1.0"x1.0" and 1.25"x1.25" all countersunk, with screws.

Aluminum Tubes up to 12" outside diameter.

Wooden End Rings to protect telescope tubes.

New Products

Big Bearings and 6" mirror cells

Easy 5" to 12" Bearing Upgrade
without removing old ones.

Do you have 5" plastic bearings? We want to hear from you - for a free set of Big Bearings.

Joe M. just received his new Big Bearings and sent these photos and comments:

"Hi Mark. I got the new side bearings you made. They work great. I even raised the bearing by an inch and a half to make the eyepiece easier to reach. -- Joe M.   

Big Bearings attach to your existing 5" or 5.5" bearings to provide a 12" bearing surface. The FRP bearing surface rides on teflon pads attached to a matched support mounted to the outside of your current side boards. Eliminate the clumsy kludgy springs, counterweights or tightening knobs. Big Bearings provide excellent balance while much larger diameter greatly improves altitude control.

6" Mirror Cells

Stong and lightweight, these inexpensive 6" three point mirror cells are made of 3/4" baltic birch plywood, 2.125" front to back, with collimiation knobs extending 15/16". Outside diameter is 7-3/4" including mirror clips. Mount using 1/4-20 bolts and lock-nuts. Supply your focal ratio and secondary size, we'll place adhesive felt pads at the optimal support locations.

Featured Recent Projects and Customer Photos
Recent mount with clamshell rings and bearings for a tall newtonian shown above. Internal stiffeners are custom fit to tube diameter. We also use this internal stiffener technique for "Dobbing" Cassegrains.
Customer in Rio De Janeiro built this 8" with our collapsible mount and fitted altitude bearings kits.

Need Custom Designed Parts?

If you have a part that would benefit from our design and CNC manufacturing, e-mail us.
We'll work with you, providing preliminary drawings, and an affordable cost estimate.

No job is unwelcome. Making parts for amateur astronomers is part of our enjoyment of the hobby.

E-mail to: contact at astrogoods dot com