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FRP - Teflon - Aluminum Tubes - Wooden End Rings

Aluminum Tubes

Tubes are cut to your desired length.

Price Per Foot
Wall Thickness
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
12 inch

Minimum order $50. Lengths are to the next foot.

Outside Diameter / Length - 0.064" Wall Thickness
Specify desired length

FRP and Virgin Teflon

Custome Sized FRP Azimuth Rings
(1) Select ring range;
(2) Specific inside diameter (up to 2" less than Outside Diameter:
(3) Specific outside diameter:

FRP Strips and Teflon prices include shipping in the continental USA.

FRP Strips
FRP is brittle. Heat in the sun on conductive surface (roof of your car) 15-20 minutes and it will be pliable.
Virgin Teflon Pads: countersunk with #6 flathead scews included.
Custom Wood Tube End Protectors

3/4" Baltic Birch cut to fit your tube, with .375" inside and outside your tube's wall with .583" deep channel. Measure the circumference of your tube with a cloth tape measure. Measure wall thickness with a ruler.

Press on or glue to tube. Finished end rings are fine sprayed using up to eight coats of acrylic polymer, with cinimmon tint.

E-mail for shipping costs. Or place your order and we will send shipping costs for your approval before accepting your PayPal payment.

Tube outside diameter
Tube wall thickness