Custom made mounts to fit your telescope. Computer design and CNC cutting ensures your mount is a precision product.

Mounts with
Fitted Altitude Bearings.

Custom made mounts and fitted altitude bearings to fit your telescope. Computer design and CNC cutting ensures your mount is a precision product. Fitted altitude bearings are designed to match the exterior curve of your telescope tube, and are precisely matched with the mount. Here is a detail of a fitted altitude bearing.

Mounts with
Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings.

Custom made mount and matched clamshell ring with altitude bearings, to fit your telescope. Clamshell rings give you the freedom to rotate the tube to a comfortable position, or easily re-balance if desired. Our large altitude bearings provide fine control, smooth motion, and eliminate balance problems. CNC cut to perfectly fit your telescope.

Clamshell Rings for Equatorial Heads

CNC cut Clamshell Rings, custom designed to match the hole pattern on your mount. Adjustable tension so you can have "just enough" to allow tube rotation yet hold the telescope tube securely. Available as easy to assemble kits with all parts and instructions, or finished ready to use.

NEW! Left two images are new rings, one is a kit for a Losmandy DUP and finished rings designed especially for lighter weight considerations. Tell us what you need! Click for closer view.

Standard Mirror Cell

New! 6" Standard Mirror Cell - $75.

Floating Support Mirror Cells for 8", 10" and 12.5" mirrors. We will design a cell for your mirror using PLOP to optimize placement of supports. This cell is inexpensive, ultra light weight, using rigid 3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood. Drilled to accept an 60mm and 80mm fans. Larger sizes available upon request.

Universal Mirror Cell

Use either with a standard or conical mirror from 8" to 13.1" diameter. Modifications are no problem, tell us and we'll quote you.. Made from very rigid 1/2" Baltic Birch. The plate is designed to fit the back of up to a 12.5" conical mirror. Optional mirror clips and supports are completely adjustable. Very light weight!

Replace your Orion XT series Dobsonian cell. Eliminate the problem of collimation bolts backing out completely, requiring reassembly of the entire cell.

Small Fitted Altitude Bearings

No need to cut a larger hole in your mount to have larger bearings! E-mail for more info.

These "small" altitude bearings (up to 11.5") are custom cut to fit the outside diameter of your telescope tube. They are great replacements for commercial plastic 5" bearings. Larger bearings provide fine altitude control and eliminate balance problems when changing eyepieces. A 1/8" thick outer bearing lip prevents lateral slip on your mount. Available finished or as a kit as shown here.

Large Fitted Altitude Bearings

Custom designed large bearings (from 12" to 23") are custom designed to fit the outside diameter of your telescope tube - or flat to the side of a mirror box. Photo at left is a 23" bearing for a 12" O.D. tube. A 1/8" bearing lip prevents lateral slip on your mount. Available assembled and finished, or as a kit.

T2 Telescope Transports

The T2 Telescope Transport is custom designed to accept the foot pattern of your telescope mount. Lightweight and easy to move, the transport uses pneumatic tires. Front wheel swivels and locks, two rear are rigid. Adjustable 5/16" steel pins with vibration absorption feet turn down to ground. Pull handle unscrews from the mount during observing.

ATM Parts

FRP strips and rings for altitude bearings and azimuth bearings.

Virgin Teflon pieces for buttery smooth altitude and azimuth motion.

Aluminum Tubes up to 12" outside diameter. Finishedor unfinished, cut to your specified length.

Wooden End Rings to protect your telescope tube.