Mounts Options
Mounts with Fitted Bearings
Mounts with Clamshell Rings and Bearings
50% deposit

Include dimensions below or leave blank and we will e-mail for them.

1. Tube circumference and balance point from back end of the tube.
2. Bearing diameter and distance from tube to the outside edge.
50% deposit

Include dimensions below or leave blank and we will e-mail for them.

1. Tube circumference,
2. Balance point from back end of tube,

Add Sky Commander digital setting circles

Include dimensions below or leave blank and we will e-mail for them.

1. Tube circumference,
2. Balance point from back end of tube,

Mount Notes:

All mounts and mount options require a 50% deposit at time of order before we can begin any detailed work.

Kits are completely predrilled, all parts included. Finished mounts arrive ready to use..

Collapsible mounts set up in a minute and fold flat to 5" height. No loose parts, mount are hinged, knobs store securely on board.

Taller solid mounts may have vertical stiffeners along the side boards, 3/8" internal glued dowels add stiffnes. Screws seat board fully flush and onto dowels. Wood glue sets all boards together.

See Sky Commander digital setting circles options below..

Fitted Bearings Notes:

See notes in left column for information on Mounts.

Bearings are fitted, cut with an arc to precisely match the outside diameter of your telescope tube. If mounting holes exist in your tube, we will match their center to center distance and their diameter. If no hole exists, we will provide dimensional information so you can drill holes as necessary.

Bearings are .708" wide Baltic Birch with a 1/8" outside lip made to ride along side the Teflon pads to keep the telescope tube from sliding laterally. A 1/16" space is left between the edge of the bearing and cutout of the mount.

Small bearings are under 12" diameter.
Large bearings are from 12" to 23" diameter and add $12 to above cost.

Clamshell Rings Notes:

See notes in left column for information on Mounts.

Clamshell rings are custom designed to fit your telescope tube leaving 1/8" of space around the tube, 1/16" on any side. Use adhesive backed felt to snugly fit your tube to obtain the tension/tightness you desire.

Clamshell rings two bottom boards are hinged, joining front and back rings. The two top board have a 2-1/2"x1/4-20 thumb screw which passes through one board and into a 1/4-20 threaded insert in the adjacent board.

Bearings are cut to allow 1/16" space between their outer edge and the cutout in the mount. Bearing thickness is .708", with .583" as bearing surface (Teflon pads match), and a 1/8" wide lip on the outside - to prevent lateral slipping on the mount.

Optional Sky Commander:

Option 1
Hardware Only:
Select this option If you currently own a Sky Commander and want us to order and and installs tangent arms and encoders. You will use your exisiting Sky Commander computer and cables.
Option 2
Hardware Only:
Same as Option 1 but we provide cables..
Option 3
Complete Sky Commander:
Orders a comple Sky Commander Digital Setting Circle.
Read more on the Sky Engineering web-site.

Mounts information:

Mounts are available in two styles, solid and collapsible. All work is custom designed to the specifications of your telescope and CNC cut to assure uniformity and precise fit. Specifications and ordering information is at the bottom of this page.

Solid Mounts:
Very stable using internal dowels to lock all boards together. Screws are also used to pull board together, assuring internal dominos are thoroughly seated. Wood glue used to finish the job.

Collapsible Mounts:
Ideal for saving storage space and fitting into a small car. All mount board are hinged together with heavy duty anodized aluminum piano hinge. Clamping knobs secure the boards tightly together. Entire mount "folds" flat to 5" height. Clamping knobs store on mount, leaving no loose parts.

Finished mounts:
Solid or collapsible finished mounts arrive ready to use. Can be shipped to US and Canada.

Kit Mounts:
Solid and collapsible mount kits have all parts included. Wooden parts are rough sanded using #80 grit sandpaper, screw holes predrilled, dowel holes predrilled. Teflon pieces precut, beveled and countersunk, FRP strips and azimuth ring precut to size. All parts dry-fitted before shipping. Kits may be shipped worldwide.

What you'll need: Philips screwdriver, 150 grit and finer sand paper, wood glue, contact cement, wood putty.

Clamshell Rings:

Cut to allow 1/16th inch around your telescope tube. You will need to add adhesive backed felt to fit.

CNC precision cut 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. Bearing surfaces are Virgin Teflon and FRP. Azimuth bolt assembled through metal flanged bushing, t-nut and lock nut. Finished mounts have up to eight coats of fine sprayed polymer sealer with a cinnimon (reddish) tint.

Payment is by PayPal or credit card via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.
All mounts, mounts with fitted bearings and mounts with clamshell rings and bearings require 50% deposit.
A nominal additional cost for materials may be required on very large mounts.
Optional Sky Commander parts are paid in full at time of order.
We will e-mail a PayPal invoice for the 50% balance due plus shipping when your mount is ready.

We ship FedEx Ground in the US, and US Postal internationally.
For a shipping estimate, e-mail or call with the type of mount and the dimensions below.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss your mount, please e-mail or call.

After we receive your deposit, we need these dimensions:

For mounts only:

  1. Circumference of the telescope tube (a cloth tape measure works great for circumference).
  2. Distance between side walls, if you have an existing mount.
  3. Telescope tube balance point - center of the altitude bearing to the back edge of the tube (or collimation knobs if protruding).
    Mearure with yoiur heaviest eyepiece and finders on the tube. We can help you easily determine the balance point.
  4. Altitude bearings circumference and thickness of portion that contacts the mount.
For mounts with fitted bearings, eliminate #4.
For mounts with clamshell rings and altitude bearings, eliminate #2 and #4.