CNC Manufactured AstroGoods.

New Products

  • Lisa's Perfect Tripod Dob.
  • Rotating rings for GEMs.
  • 4.25" mirror cells - soon.
  • Primary mirror masks.
  • Crystal 909-42 laminate.
  • Inexpensive kit 6, 8, 10" mount with bearings.
  • Custom mounts designed to your specs.
  • Two diameter telescopes on one Dob mount?
  • Maks and SCT and Newt Mounts (oh my!).
  • Tripod Mounted Dobs.
  • Sky Commander digital setting circles.
  • Small bearings transformed to 12 inch!
  • Small bearings fitted securely to your tube.
  • Large bearings for mirror box or big tubes.
  • Bearing supports.
  • Bearings for existing Newtonian tube rings.

Clamshell Rings

  • Newtonian mounting on an equatorial head.
  • Building a mount? Add rings and bearings.
  • Lightweight rings for smaller telescopes.
  • 6" low cost optimized.
  • 8" - 12.5" mirror optimized 6 point flotation.
  • Universal for conical or standard mirrors.

Streetlight Baffles

  • Eliminate light around your focuser.
  • Altitude bearing strips - Crystal 909-42.
  • Azimuth bearing rings - Crystal 909-42.
  • Teflon pads for altitude and azimuth bearings.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Tube end rings.
  • FRP azimuth disks and rings.

New Products
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Primary Mirror Masks

Primary mirror masks are 0.25" thick baltic birch plywood rings that you paint and Velcro to the top of the mirror clips of your mirror cell. Each is custom cut to precisely cover from the outside edge of your mirror clips to the inside diameter of the mirror clip intrusion over the mirror, resulting in a perfect unbroken circle over the mirror and hiding any turned edge on the primary. Just provide the inside and outside diameter of the mirror clips. Masks up to 12.5" OD are $25 plus shipping.

Inside diameter:
Outside diameter:

GEM Tube Rotating Rings Rotating Rings design (clickable image left) is based on our Clamshell Rings, combining the heavy duty and light weight ring.

The Tube Ring (yellow) is cut to fit within 1/16" of your tube outside diameter. Apply adhesive backed felt inside the ring until the fit is tight enough to prevent any tube movement inside the Tube Rings.

The Tube Rings and tube then fit into the opened Clamshell Rings, in a recess between the outside of the clamshell and the overlapping retainers. The clamshell rings are then closed. The Tube Rings ride inside against an FRP ring on the face of the clamshell. Four adjustments per ring set are available to fine tune the movement; two in the Retainers and two on the outside of the Clamshell Rings allowing tension of the assembly as desired. The Clamshell Ring is designed to match the hole pattern on your mount.

Kit and Finished: Available as a kit which you finish sand and paint, or finished which arrives ready to use. Below are maximum tube sizes for each price.

GEM Rotating Rings
Tube Circumference?