Products CNC manufactured for uniformity and precision.


Dobsonian Mounts
Height can be designed for comfort. Kit or finished. Solid or collapsible. Variations avaialbe:

Mount only, or
... with fitted alt. bearings, or
... with clamshell rings and bearings.

Soon: Standard 6" f/8, 8" f/6 mounts.

Altitude Bearings
New: Turn 5" into 12" Big Bearings.
New: Mirror box bearing supports.
Small bearings fit to tube curve.
Large bearings for mirror boxes.

Add bearings to your existing rings.

Mirror Cells
New: 6" low cost, 3 point support.
Standard 8" - 12.5", 6 point flotation.

Universal for conical or standard.

Clamshell Rings
Dovetail plate mount Newtonians on these heavy duty or
lightweight rings.

Kydex Light Baffles
New: Eliminates stray light.

ATM parts
New: Round Teflon improves motion.
Teflon altitude and azimuth pads.
FRP bearing strips, azimuth rings.
Aluminum tubes.
Tube end rings

Astro Club Discount Programs

Discount Leftovers
FRP azimuth rounds.
FRP azimuth rings.

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FRP rounds
13.25" - $11.50

13.50" - $11.50
15.25" - $11.50
18.50" - $27.00

FRP rings
18.25" x 1.25" - $35.00
23.125" x 2" - $35.00