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Customer comments with photos.
Dobsonian Mounts.
Which mount is best for you?
Standard solid
Custom solid.
Custom collapsible
Dobsonian Mount Accessories.
Height adjustment stands.
Manual setting circle boards.
Digital Setting Circles.
Nexus II.
Sky Commander
Teflon, Laminate & More.
Manual setting circle boards.
Bearing laminate.
Bearing teflon
Mirror Cells.
Standard cells.
Premium cells.
Masks For Image Sharpening.
Visual: Correct for TDE/soft images.
Imaging: Remove star flare.

: Refactor sharp Newts.
Sharpening double stars in Dobs
Bearings: Altitude and Azimuth.
Replacing small 5" bearings.
Standard 12" bearings.
Standard 18" bearings
Custom bearings.
Altitude bearing guides.
Altitude bearing supports.
Clamshell And Rotating Rings.
For Dobsonian mounts.
  with rotating rings.
For equatorial mounts.
  with rotating rings.
Upcoming Items. Contact us for info.
Mirror box integrated cells.
Upper tube assembly rings.
Custom jobs / About us.
* Now available: Please inquire.

Dobsonian Mount Options

Primary Mirror Cells
Standard and Premium

Altitude Bearings

Dobsonian & Equatorial Head Clamshells

Customer Comments With Photos

"I finally finished up my mount. I’m very happy with it.
I’m pleasantly surprised how solid the mount is…even with the collapsible nature."

Custom Collapsible Mount Kit, Folded For Storing.

"Great White Shark" GSO 12" on Custom Solid Mount with special request Large Altitude Bearings.

Solid Mount, clamshell rings, altitude bearings kit.