Dobsonian Mounts
Standard Low Cost.
Rock Steady Solid Custom.
Singularity Collapsible Custom
Canis Major Revolver Mount.

Want one mount for two tubes?
Which mount is best for you?
Add Alt/Az lasered setting cirlces.
Height adjustment stands.
Amateur Telescope Making
Optimized Mirror Cells
Image Sharpening Masks
Primary:  Fix Turned Down Edge.    
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flares. 
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.   
Clamshell & Rotating Rings
Altitude Bearings

Dobsonian Mount Options.

Primary Mirror Cells.
Standard and Premium

Clamshell And Rotating Rings.

Altitude Bearings.

Customer Comments With Photos

"I finally finished up my mount. I’m very happy with it.
I’m pleasantly surprised how solid the mount is…even with the collapsible nature."

Custom collapsible mount kit, shown folded for storing.
Rocker box boards are all hinged together as a one piece assembly, there are no loose parts.

Custom Solid Mount with Large Altitude Bearings.

Solid Mount, clamshell rings, altitude bearings kit.


Acrylic Laser Cut Aperture Masks

Mirror Masks For Visual And Imaging.
Remove Turned Down Edge and mirror clip flares.


Teflon And Bearing Laminate.

Now available, please inquire:

Rocker box/Ground setting cirlcle boards.

Altitude bearings with setting circles.