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Dobsonian Mounts
Height can be designed for comfort. Kit or finished. Solid or collapsible. Variations avaialbe:

Mount only, or
... with fitted alt. bearings, or
... with clamshell rings and bearings
New and available:
6" f8, 8" f6 mount/bearing kit $189.50

Altitude Bearings
New: Turn 5" into 12" Big Bearings.
New: Mirror box bearing supports.
Small bearings fit to tube curve.
Large bearings for mirror boxes.

Add bearings to your existing rings.

Mirror Cells
New: 6" low cost, 3 point support.
Standard 8" - 12.5", 6 point flotation.

Universal for conical or standard.

Clamshell Rings
Dovetail plate mount Newtonians on these heavy duty or
lightweight rings.

Kydex Light Baffles
New: Eliminates stray light.

ATM parts
New: Round Teflon improves motion.
Teflon altitude and azimuth pads.
FRP bearing strips, azimuth rings.
Aluminum tubes.
Tube end rings

Astro Club Discounts

Discounts & Leftovers.
FRP azimuth disks and rings.

Customer Comments

Custom Work
Who Are We?
Patrick Sutton's outstanding 8" Dob: solid mount, clamshell rings, altitude bearings, tube end rings. Thank you Patrick!

"Mark worked tirelessly with me on my mount project. I had many ideas for customization and changes that I wanted to make and he worked with me on every single aspect of it. He would not rest until I was satisfied and his attention to detail and commitment to his customers is truly amazing. Thank you again for everything you did, Mark. I am truly grateful and very happy with my mount
Patrick Sutton, September 2018  
"I just finished installing 3/4" wide by 1/16" thick white felt. The clam shell closes completely now, and the tension seems about right. The telescope tube can be rotated with a little effort, but not too easily. The hose clamp is probably not needed, but I am going to leave it on for now. I have been using the telescope and it gives very nice views of Saturn at 175X from my light polluted back yard. It does a good job on the brighter M objects, and the Moon is outstanding!. Thank you for all your help with this project. I am happy to recommend your products and services.
Ellis Essig, September 2018  
New Products
Change 5" to 12" Big Bearings
Inexpensive 6" mirror cell
Kydex Light Baffles keep stray light out.
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Customer Photo Favorites
Want your long newtonian or SCT on a solid Dob mount? We'll build internal
stiffeners cut custom to fit your tube's diameter and assure excellent rigidity.
Marcelo Ianini in Rio De Janeiro used our collapsible mount with fitted altitude bearings kit and 8 inch mirror cell building this Brazilian beauty!