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Dobsonian Mounts
Current lead time: 6 weeks.
Overview of Mount Choices.

Standard Solid
Custom Solid
Custom Collapsible

Digitial Setting Circles installed:
Sky Commander
Stand Up! Dob Height Stands.
Cells & Image Sharpening
Current lead time: 1 week.
Mirror Cells.
Mirror Masks.
Aperture Masks
Sharpen Those Double Stars!
Altitude Bearings & ATM
Current lead time: 1 week.
Altitude Bearing supports
Bearing Teflon and Laminate.
Fixing Awful Small Bearings.
Standard Altitude Bearings.
Rings For Telescope Tubes
Upcoming Items
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Mirror Box Integrated Cells.
Rotating Tube Rings.

Upper Tube Assembly Rings.
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Stand Up! Dob Height Stands
Custom built to match your mount.

About Our Dobsonian Mounts
  Standard Mounts
Custom Solid Mounts
Custom Collapsible Mounts

Tunable Altitude Bearings
Provides adjustable altitude tension control.

Custom Clamshell Rings for Dobs or EQ Mounts

Special Mount Sale $185.00

"Covid" job loss cancellation.
Rock Steady Solid Mount Kit with:
Clamshell rings and 12" tunable bearings.

Up to 13" diameter tube, 23" balance point.
See pdf design drawing.

Customer Photos/Comments
  Need a GSO, Apertura or SkyWatcher Mount?
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"Its beautiful! It works! It fits! It’s perfect!"
.- PG (4/3/21)

Need an GSO, Apertura, Skywatcher mount?

GSO/Apertura replacement solid mount.

"Perfect SkyWatcher mount upgrade. Thank you!"