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Custom Mirror And/Or Rocker Boxes - By Request
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Dobsonian Mount Choices

Great Views Start On Great Mounts!
Which Mount Is Best For You?

  • Standard Solid Mounts.
  • Custom Mounts: Solid Or Collapsible.
    • With Or Without Altitude Bearings.
    • With Clamshell Rings And Bearings.
    • With Rotating Rings And Altitude Bearings.
  • Tripod Dobsonians Mounts.
  • Table Top Dobsonian Mounts.
  • Dobsonian Mounts For SCT.
  • Dobsonian Mounts For Maksatov-Newtonian.
  • Custom Rocker Boxes and Mirror Boxes.
Manual And Digital Setting Circles

Amateur Telescope Making
Laminate: Azimuth Rings/Rounds, Altitude Strips
Digital Setting Circles: By Request

Mirror Cells

Mirror And Aperture Masks

Altitude Bearings
Small Altitude Bearings (to 12") Upgrade Small Altitude Bearings To 12"

Rings Assemblies For Dobs or Equatorial Mounts
(with or without altitude bearings)