Our newest products:
Tame spider vane diffraction spikes.

Custom sized to fit.
Custom stand up mounts
Integrated stand to place focuser at your zenith eye height.
Imaging Newts: Extend back focus for 6" GSO
Removes mirror clip intrusion spikes. Pair with spider apodizer.
Spider vane apodizers
Clip on acrylic masks.
Finding targets more easily in brighter skies?

Quick adjust azimuth setting circles
Now available on all mounts.

Great mount performance.

Superior telescopes are built from the ground up.

Dobsonian mounts should move smoothly, easily, stop on a dime, and remain still at high magnification.

Mass manufactured mounts squeeze profits from materials resulting in unnecessary weight, stiffness, flexure and difficult motion. Pressed wood construction wicks moisture compromising structure. Undersized altitude bearings using inferior laminates/pads mean balance and motion issues. Mediocrity destroys function.

We use Baltic Birch plywood for vibration free strength, endurance and weight reduction. Selected Formica laminate and virgin Teflon give smooth sure start/stop motion. Large bearings improve balance and fine movement. Our mounts are made for your specific needs.

Kits are designed for easy beginner assembly.

AstroGoods Mounts: All-Star Performers.

All AstroGoods mounts designed for minimal weight.
"Wanted to say how pleased I am with the custom folding dob base. Altitude bearings fit like a glove. Total weight 23 lbs, 10 lbs lighter than the particle board OEM base." - DH. Apertura AD12"
"Assembly was very easy. I took it out to view M42, and the mount is solid with buttery motion. It took off a solid 7.5" of height and 20-30 lbs!" - Robert K. 10" f/7

Altitude & azimuth bearing ATM materials
Altitude & azimuth setting circles.
Fitted individually to your telescope.
Altitude bearing Teflon pads/screws.
Azimuth bearing Teflon pad/screws.
Drilled with countersink.

Azimuth bolt assemblies
Stainless steel bolt,
Teflon flanged bushing
Weld nut and screws,

Altitude and azimuth bearing
laminate strips and rings
Special: free laminate rings/rounds.


 Mirror Cells for Visual& Imaging
Imaging: remove mirror clip diffraction spikes!
Spider vane diffraction spike masks upcoming.

Image Sharpening Masks
$25 for four masks and clips

Contact us to dimension and order. 
Soft images? Turned down edge masks
for 6, 8, 10, 12 and 12.5" mirrors.
Aperture masks custom sized
Sharpens planetary and double stars
Mirror clip masks
Removes star flaring
Spider vane apodizers for 3-4 vane
spiders. Remove diffraction spikes.

 Altitude Bearings
Small standard altitude bearings (12") Balancing upgrade from 5" altitude bearings to 12"

 Ring Assemblies For Dobs or Equatorial Mounts
(with or without altitude bearings)