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For GSO, Apertura, TPO type
6" f/4 imaging Newtonian

Easy install drop-in mirror cell
with integrated focal extension.

Easy to collimate.
Improves your images!

(Photo is from prototype test)
Dobsonian Mount Choices
Questions? See About Our Mounts

Low cost standard solid mounts
Does your telescope fit this mount? Ask here.

Custom solid mounts

Custom collapsible mounts

Add azimuth and altitude setting circles with pointers.
Available optionally on our mounts or to fit yours.
Using setting circles.

Great telescopes are built from the ground up.

Inexpensive telescopes on a great mount
may work well.

A poorly built, unstable, stiff, springy mount?
No telescope will.

Put your telescope on solid footing.

Bad back or knees and mount too heavy?
New Lightweights!
"Wanted to say how pleased I am with the custom folding dob base you made for my Apertura AD12. The altitude
bearings fit like a glove. Total weight at 23 lbs, a full 10 lbs lighter than the stock particle board OEM base." DH
"Love the mount. Great design. Thanks!" BT.
Lightweight custom solid mount at only 14.5 lbs.

ATM Altitude and Azimuth Bearing Parts 
The Bearing Works
Complete ATM kit for altitude/azimuth bearings. Now with Teflon center bolt sleeve. Or items individually:

Altitude and Azimuth Bearing Teflon

Altitude and Azimuth Bearing Laminate
New Acrylics: Write with interest:

Parfocal eyepiece rings - (3) 1.25" (2) 2": $20.

Red acrylic for laptop screens custom sized: $25.
Includes Velcro strap.

 Mirror Cells
Eliminate clip intrusion and mirror shift image degradation.

 Visual And Imaging Masks

 Altitude Bearings
Small standard altitude bearings (12") Balancing upgrade from 5" altitude bearings to 12"

 Ring Assemblies For Dobs or Equatorial Mounts
(with or without altitude bearings)