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"You need an Altitude Adjustment"
Stand taller to elevate your observing.
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About Our Dobsonian Mounts
  Standard Mounts
Custom Solid Mounts
Custom Collapsible Mounts

Tunable Altitude Bearings
Secure your telescope with adjustable motion control.

Custom Clamshell Rings for Dobs or EQ Mounts
Customer Photos/Comments
  Need a GSO, Apertura or SkyWatcher Mount?
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Philippe sent a photo of his 10" SkyWatcher Dob in its new "Singluarity Collapse Series" Custom Collapsible Mount immediately after receipt and testing the bearing position. Think he's happy?

"Its beautiful! It works! It fits! It’s perfect!"
.- PG (4/3/21)

Have a GSO, Apertura, Skywatcher telescope but no mount? Look no further!

GSO/Apertura replacement solid mount.

"Perfect SkyWatcher mount upgrade. Thank you!"

Mirror Masks
Sharpen detail in your eyepiece.

Aperture Masks

For sharper planetary and double stars views.

Mirror Cells

Teflon And Bearing Laminate Materials