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6" imaging Newtonian
extended back end.
GSO - Apertura - TPO

Includes imrpoved mirror cell,
eliminates mirror clip flares

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

Bearing Works: get everything.
Or buy individual items:
Laminate rings and strips
Teflon pads
Azimuth bolt assembly kits


Image Sharpening Masks

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge.
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.

Primary: Removes mirror clip flare.
Spider: stops diffraction spikes.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts
AstroGoods.com: Integrated Azimuth Setting Circles

Integrated Azimuth Setting Circles

Features, construction, materials, etc.

AstroGoods mounts all can incorporate this azimuth setting circle design. We use 18mm (nominally 3/4") Baltic Birch for mount construction. Items 1 and 2 in the diagram are the underside of the rocker box bottom board, and the top side of the ground board. Item 1 also has a 1" wide oval notch as shown.

Both the rocker box bottom board and ground board are incised inward from their circumferences one inch to 7.65mm depth. The ground board is additionally lightened with the circles cutout, removing material.

Item 3 is the actual setting circle. It has laser inscribed numbers and increments. Made of 12mm birch plywood (nominally 1/2"), its inside diameter is 0.1875" larger than the outside diameter of the incised portions on the rocker box bottom board (gray area) and ground board (gray area).

Item 3 (setting circle) will sit on the inscribed section of item 2, and when item 1 (rocker box board/assembly) is added, the setting circle numbers and increments will show through the notch opening, shown in item 4. The rest of the setting circle will remain unseen and safe.

On the item 3 protrusion is a nylon screw and tightener, which is to be used as a small handle for turning the contained setting circle.

To use: place your mount on the ground. Turn the rocker box to north. Using the nylon screw rotate the setting circle to north matching the pointer. Finally, turn the screw upward to lock the setting circle against the bottom board.

The setting circle is now aligned to north, and ready for use.