Dobsonian Mounts
Standard Low Cost.
Rock Steady Solid Custom.
Singularity Collapsible Custom
Canis Major Revolver Mount.

Want one mount for two tubes?
Which mount is best for you?
Add Alt/Az lasered setting cirlces.
Height adjustment stands.
Amateur Telescope Making
Optimized Mirror Cells
Image Sharpening Masks
Primary:  Fix Turned Down Edge.    
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flares. 
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.   
Clamshell & Rotating Rings
Altitude Bearings
Altitude and azimuth bearing laminate and Teflon
Azimuth bearing bolt assembly
Rocker box setting circle inscirbed boards

ATM Order Shipping Costs:
We will send a separate PayPal shipping invoice after receipt of your order. Inquire for non-US/Canadian destination costs.

  • Laminate rings to 23.5": $16 U.S., $30 Canada. Can include Teflon pads. Add $5 to include: laminate strips, azimuth bolt assembly kit.
  • Laminate rings to 19.5": $10 U.S., $25 Canada. Can include Teflon pads. Add $5 to include: laminate strips, azimuth bolt assembly kit.
  • Laminate rounds: $10 U.S., $15 Canada. Can include Teflon pads. Add $5 to include: laminate strips azimuth bolt assembly kit.
  • Laminate strips: $10.00 U.S, $15 Canada. Teflon pads and azimuth bearing assembly can be included at no extra shipping cost.
  • Azimuth Bolt Assembly Kit: $5 U.S., $10 Canada. Teflon pads can be included at no extra shipping cost.
  • Teflon pads: Free U.S. shipping, $5 Canada.
  • Setting circle rocker box boards: Shipping costs vary by destination, please inquire.

Laminate ring on bottom of mount.

 Example of 1.5" ring thickness.

Black Formica laminate Crystal 42

Custom Size Laser Cut Azimuth Bearing Rings
Prices are for ring widths up to 23.5" and thickness up to 1.5".
Ring thickness example below image at left.
Wider and/or thicker rings upon request.
Check our precut ring specials here.

Maximum outside diameter
Outside diameter desired.
Ring thickness up to 1.5"


Laminate Rounds: $20.
Free shipping within U.S. Can include teflon pads.
$15 if incuding laminate strips or az bolt assembly.

Available from 8" to 15" - sizes constantly vary.
We will e-mail size closest to your minimum before processing order.
Minimum diameter:

Altitude Bearing Laminate 48" Strip pairs.
Black Formica laminate Crystal 42
Sold in pairs.



Virgin Teflon (PTFE) Pads.

Predrilled and countersunk with #6 flathead screws included.

0.75"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.00"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.25"x1.25" Azimuth pads.

Azimuth pads ordered with Azimuth Laminate Bearing Ring:
Pads can be sized to match width of azimuth ring up to 1.5".


Azimuth Bolt Assembly Kits: $15.

Standard bolt length is 2.5" - for 1/4" thick teflon and 0.035" laminate.

Use this DIMENSIONAL DIAGRAM to determine bolt length you need.

Rocker box parts included:
3/8-16 stainless steel bolt (various sizes available).
3/8" ID flanged bearing sleeve (fits 1/2" hole).

Ground board parts included:
3/8" weld nut (fits 7/16" hole, t-nut shown is discontinued).
Three 1/8" screws to secure weld nut.
3/8" nylock.
Select bolt length:

Click to enlarge image.

ATM Rocker Box Setting Circle Board.
Pair with an altimeter (examples) or our setting circle altitude bearings.
Ground board with pointer also available at $40.

CNC cut 0.75" thick birch plywood, cut to your size up to 23.5" diameter
Setting circle is laser etched. Plywood anded with 80 grit.
Holes can be cut per your dimensions.

Setting Circle Board
Board outside diameter.