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Mount Kits

Solid Mount Kits for 6", 8" and 10" telescopes.
New! We now offer these kits finished but unassembled.
Inquire for pricing.

These mounts are designed with preset sizes to accommodate any telescope tubes from 8" to 12.5" outside diameter with up to 23" rocker box swing-through room. We do not modify this design; if you have a larger diameter tube or require more rocker box swing through room please see our custom mounts.

Fitting requirement maximums:

Tube maximum diameter
Rocker box swing through room.

Mount construction: Internal dowels in predrilled holes connect the front board, side boards and bottom board making them immovable while providing excellent strength and stiffness. Boards are also secured with #12 wood screws hiding the dowels and locking them in place. Wood parts arrive rough sanded using 80 grit.

Altitude bearing construction: Tube facing side of each bearing has two attached curved braces custom cut to match the outside diameter of your telescope tube. A 3/8" bolt passes through the center hole of the bearing into the telescope tube (you must drill a 3/8" hole in the tube), clamping the bearings securely to the tube using a washer and nut on the bolt inside the tube. Bearings ride on teflon pads on supports inside the sideboard walls preventing lateral slippage and allowing mount and telescope to be lifted as a single unit.

All parts included: 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood mount parts, dowels, screws and other necessary hardware except 3/8" bolt assembly. Bearing surfaces virgin Teflon and
Formica laminate Crystal 909. All screw holes predrilled and countersunk. Required items: 3/8" bolt, washer, nut, sandpaper, Philips screwdriver, wood glue, wood putty, contact cement, paint/finish.

Order Kit:
Tube Diameter.