Precision CNC
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Dobsonian Mounts.
Which mount is best for you?
Standard solid
Custom solid.
Custom collapsible
Dobsonian Mount Accessories.
Height adjustment stands.
Manual setting circle boards.
Digital Setting Circles.
Nexus II.
Sky Commander
Teflon, Laminate & More.
Manual setting circle boards.
Bearing laminate.
Bearing teflon
Mirror Cells.
Standard cells.
Premium cells.
Masks For Image Sharpening.
Visual: Correct for TDE/soft images.
Imaging: Remove star flare.

: Refactor sharp Newts.
Sharpening double stars in Dobs
Bearings: Altitude and Azimuth.
Replacing small 5" bearings.
Standard 12" bearings.
Standard 18" bearings
Custom bearings.
Altitude bearing guides.
Altitude bearing supports.
Clamshell And Rotating Rings.
For Dobsonian mounts.
  with rotating rings.
For equatorial mounts.
  with rotating rings.
Upcoming Items. Contact us for info.
Mirror box integrated cells.
Upper tube assembly rings.
Custom jobs / About us.
* Now available: Please inquire.

Custom Solid Mounts
Rock Steady Series
Features, construction, materials, etc.

Mount Only
Mount and Altitude Bearings
Mount, Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings
Quote Form
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Prices at right assume 8"-12" telescopes and may vary for small or oversized mounts.
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Mount Type.
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End Ring?
If your telescope has a larger diameter protective ring on the tube bottom.
Outside diameter:
Tube Circumference.
Use cloth tape measure:
Tube Rings.
Attaching our bearings to your tube rings? Ring's flat to flat outside distance:
Altitude Bearings.
Use your existing altitude bearings:
Outside diameter:

Minimum thickness:
Balance Point.
Install heaviest eyepiece, Barlow, binoviewer and finders. Roll tube over broomstick for approximate balance point from rear of tube:
Special request:
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Mount Type Description
RS-KM Kit Mount Only
RS-KMSB Kit Mount and Small Altitude Bearings (up to 12")
RS-KMLB Kit Mount and Large Altitude Bearings (up to 18")*
RS-KMCRSB Kit Mount, Clamshell Rings and Small Altitude Bearings
RS-KMCRLB Kit Mount, Clamshell Rings and Large Altitude Bearings

RS-FM Finished Mount Only
RS-FMSB Finished Mount, Small Altitude Bearings (up to 12")
RS-FMLB Finished Mount, Large Altitude Bearings (up to 18")*
RS-FMCRSB Finished Mount, Clamshell Rings and Small Altitude Bearings
RS-FMCRLB Finished Mount, Clamshell Rings and Large Altitude Bearings
Prices are for standard size 8"-12.5" telescopes and may vary for larger or smaller. Use our quote form.
*We can accommodate larger altitude bearings, available at nominal extra cost.

Custom Mounts Require 50% Deposit
Balance and shipping payable upon completion.

You may also pay by check.
We will send you a link to our dimensions form after receiving your ordering.
Setting Circle Options
Read about Nexus II and Sky Commander features via links provided.
For Astro Devices and Sky Engineering hardware, please inquire.
Rocker Box Setting Circle Board
Digital Setting Circles

Add a manual setting circle. $35
Pair with an altimeter (examples).

Astro Devices Nexus II

Sky Engineering Sky Commander
Deposits and refunds: refunds less PayPal transaction fees before custom design drawings are completed. After drawing completion refund is less $50 plus PayPal transaction fees. No deposit ref unds after parts are cut.