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Dobsonian Mounts
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Which Mount Is Best For You?
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1. A telescope tube only?

Choose either a custom mount with bearings, or a mount with clamshell or rotating rings and bearings. Or perhaps a standard mount and bearings #5 below if applicable.
2. A telescope tube in rings on an equatorial head?

We can use your rings to build a mount with altitude bearings, and attach the bearings to your existing rings.
3. A telescope with existing altitude bearings?

Choose from a custom mount only built to fit your tube and bearings, a custom mount with altitude bearings if you'd perfer larger bearings for finer motion and better balance, or a custom mount with clamshell rings and bearings if you'd perfer larger bearings for finer control and better balance with the ability to rotate and reposition the eyepiece positon.

4. An SCT, Mak-Newt, Mak-Cass or very long Newtonian you'd like on a Dobsonian mount, or like your small telescope on a tripod for comfortable height?

We can build for any of these applications with sufficient stiffness to assure a steadiness and a comfortable eyepiece height.

5. A telescople tube for a 6" f/8, 8" f/6 or 10" f/4.7?

A low cost standard mount kit may fit your needs, if the tube diameter and balance point are compatible.